I'm a Finnish novelist, a poet, a traveller, a mistress of beautiful words. Welcome to my homepage, I hope you enjoy!

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Maaria has come a long way from the Finnish village of Tohmajärvi where she was born in 1982. She has since been living in Russia, Germany, and currently Iceland. Maaria has been writing since the age of 13.


Maaria has published four novels and one collection of poetry. Here you can find more details of her work.

Humalalintu - Blog

"Kirjoitan elääkseni toisenlaisia elämiä tai silti tätä samaa. Kerron ajatukseni auki, minä muuttaja, minä samaa kuin samea."
Maaria is a keen blogger. Follow her blog "Humalalintu" in order to keep up with her!

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When I pick up a book by Maaria, I know for a fact that the desert of boredom is nowhere near, because Maaria's every sentence aborts even the shadow of dullness.
– Leena Lumi