Herra T ja mysteerinen muna

Mister T and Mysterious Egg


Herra T -kuvakirjasarjan toinen osa tarjoaa jännittäviä hetkiä lukijoiden lisäksi eräälle vakavamieliselle siipiveikolle. Suomalais-islantilais-italialaisen yhteistyön tuloksena syntynyt kirjasarja hauskuuttaa tarinoillaan ja ilmeikkäillä kuvillaan Suomen lisäksi Islannissa ja Kanadassa.



Herra T ja kana nimeltä Aasi

Mister T and His Chicken Called Donkey


Herra T:n elämä on aurinkoista ja leikkisää. Edes hänen kiukkuisen kanakaverinsa katoaminen ei saa hänen hymyään hyytymään. Ei etenkään, kun etsintäretki tuottaa kaksi uutta ja viehkeää ystävää.

Suomalais-islantilais-italialaisen yhteistyön tuloksena syntynyt kuvakirja kertoo ihmisistä, kanoista, aaseista ja pikkuisen rakastumisestakin.





The Cellar



Kahden lapsen yksinhuoltajaäiti Vilma sulkee entisen miehensä äänieristettyyn kopperoon. On hylätyksi tulleen naisen vuoro elää kaksoiselämää. Äidinrakkaudessa kaikki on sallittua. Kun tyttäret oikuttelevat, kellarissa kärsitään. Samaan aikaan naapuritalon leskirouva seuraa Vilman elämää ikkunan takaa. Voiko Vilma olla vastaus hänen vuosikymmeniä kestäneisiin haaveisiinsa omasta perheestä?

Islantiin sijoittuva romaani on vangitseva teos pakkomielteisestä rakkaudesta ja kitkerästä mustasukkaisuudesta. Se ei päästä helpolla, kuten ei rakkauskaan. Teos on huimaava matka ihmisen mieleen ja kellareihin.



On nälkä, on jano tn_on_nalka_on_jano_1409229141
Hungry, Thirsty

Maaria Päivinen’s splendidly sinister Hungry, Thirsty toys with reality and turns human trafficking on its head: in this idiosyncratic novel, it is a woman who enslaves men. The life of Emilie Silvia Grass is thrown into turmoil when her live-in boyfriend Mr Blumen moves out and a loud, night-owl neighbor moves in. A mathematics teacher, Emilie is used to formulas and predictability in her personal and professional life, and the horror of her predicament leads her to the brink of madness. Yet the tragic turn reveals a goldmine: Blumen has collected a surprising stash of money as a pimp. The flame-haired Emilie steps into Blumen’s boots and starts trading in men.

Emilie travels around the world selling luxury to women seeking satisfaction. During her
global hunt for Blumen, she takes out her frustration on her male victims. But can her longing ever be dissipated – especially when the damage is already done? The book portrays a person who is simultaneously cold as ice and brimming with emotion.

Praise for Hungry, Thirsty

“Päivinen’s language is lush and complex. There’s no trace of self-censorship, which makes the narration believable and exhilarating.”– Turun Ylioppilaslehti

“The work shows what powerful emotions work inside us all.” – Helsingin Sanomat

“What fascinates – – are Päivinen’s descriptions of a woman’s physicality and fury. She doesn’t analyze or explain Emilie’s choices or personality. This is what makes Emilie, in
all of her destruction, a thrilling character.” – Turun Sanomat

“The novel –– is a gorgeous gem of language. A poem that you devour.“ – Rakkaudesta kirjoihin

“When I pick up a book by Maaria, I know for a fact that the desert of boredom is nowhere near, because every sentence of Maaria’s aborts even the shadow of dullness.” – Leena Lumi




Sinun osasi eivät liiku 9789522154927_printti
Your Parts Don’t Move

Päivinen’s debut collection of poems, Your Parts Don’t Move, is a rugged bouquet of violent poems about love and relationship. Päivinen’s sharp, sensitive and passionate pen hits the poems this time. What will happen? Can the poem handle her pen? Can you handle “furious fists, fists of grief, fists of love?”

Praise for Your Parts Don’t Move
”I’m a predictor: Päivinen takes you to the edges. She has been heard of and will be heard. Believe me! She is not thirteen in a dozen. She is one, the only one!” – Leena Lumi

“Your Parts Don’t Move is a book of boisterous images and strong emotions.” – Etelä-Saimaa

“The book keeps the reader on his or her toes all the time: One can never be sure that the perspective remains the same, that the literary device, rhythm, line devision, thematics remain the same.” – Sylvi



Veikko beats, Anna loves. Herman adores, Anna rules and flees, clings to an unwanted child. Is Anna allowed to kill? Is Anna allowed to stay and live after all that is said and done?

Päivinen’s ferocious novel Scratches is a book about cruel love and the cruelty of love, domestic violence, the happiness of owning and about hell, life, and death.

Two narrators tell the story of Anna. The reader can hardly identify, which picture of Anna is right and which is wrong. What is true, what is really said and done? Are Anna’s choices in life right or wrong? To what extent is Anna free and imprisoned? There is one woman and two men, two extremes. One of them paints a rough caricature of Anna, the other worships her and her red beauty.

Praise for Scratches

”The third novel of Maaria Päivinen is an impressive piece of art. – – It is full of deliberate sentences and thoughts – touching, stabbing.” – Sylvi

”Päivinen has kind of taken the Finnish language in her own use and done with it what she wants. As a result there is a breath-taking and oppressive reading experience.” – Kirsin kirjanurkka

”The three novels of Päivinen show, how richly she can write.” – Parnasso

”The novel slashes, tears apart and guts out. It is more than worth its name, scratches sag under the skin. It hurts because of Anna’s misery and it delights because of Päivinen’s beautiful and lively language.” – Villasukka kirjahyllyssä


Minä rakastan sinua nuori mies minärakastan
I Love You Young Man

I love you young man, whose back small birds are spilling, as well as butterflies, jam of flies, I love so much that it hurts, and you keep your lap between the wrong person, you keep your unconditional, proud lap open in a wrong position, and I love you, I love you so that I leave, a dark aisle on your lips, I love you, love like an iron wire.
Her song like mist.
Her song highlight of the funeral, tears on the cheeks of guests.

I Love You Young Man is an intensive story about grief and yearning. It makes the reader think of who or what is controlling people and their actions. Is it emotions? Are people ever happy with what they have? Can one forget the past and live on?

Young widow Mariella can’t get over the death of her husband. She works at Delete Life Archive, where the identity of people can be deleted by clicking a button. In private life, she is controlled by a faceless observer through a computer screen. He demands, observes and forces.

One day at work Mariella gets a command to delete her own brother, Seam. Seam is longing for something just like her empty sister. They decide to flea away.

Praise for I Love You Young Man

”I Love You Young Man is a fluent and associative piece of art just like her first novel Silja and Mai.” – Karjalainen

”I would give Päivinen extra points for her way of handling erotic, sex.” – Kiiltomato

”One of the books, that make us believe in a more interesting future of Finnish novels.” – Nuoren Voiman Kritiikki


Silja ja Maietukansi
Silja and Mai

From here it all began; her feet shackled on the ground, her hands not rising off the abdomen. She held her incurable breast with two hands like a cat without nails; Silja cried when she saw her deserted land. She formed a hexad consisting of eyes, ears, heart, heart rate, convulsions, soul.

Silja and Mai is a novel that shoots Finnish prose to the orbit of renewal. It’s about two women sharing an apartment together. Silja is obsessed by Mai; Mai is disgusted and turned off by Silja. It’s a lyrical, dreamlike and dusty story about love and hate, about reality and ones fantasies, about demonizing and controlling. It’s a trip over the borders and back. It’s a long ride to the surreal life of a desperate, self seeking woman.

”As a writer, she seems to be relaxed and aware of her own artistic freedom. In Silja and Mai the narration scampers lightly forward, to which the heavy themes of the content act as a contract.” – Kiiltomato

”The female characters awaken multiple emotions in the reader: pity, rage, frustration, and on the other hand also joy and happiness – this is a novel which for sure doesn’t leave one cold, a novel that you can’t only read through but also live and experience.” – P. S. Rakastan kirjoja

”Silja and Mai is in all its lyrical appearance a staggeringly life-tasting work, where the everyday life of Silja steps on your skin and intrudes in your soul.” – Luen ja kirjoitan



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